Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 4 Mr Snow's Apple Snowballs

I've been counting down to making these apple snowballs with Squidge! I ALWAYS wanted to make them as a kid, but was told they were too difficult and I probably wouldn't like them anyway. So, hurrah! 

We dissolved 2oz of sugar in just over 100ml of water, brought it to the boil, and left it boiling for three minutes to make a syrup. Meanwhile, Squidge asked me to peel and core the two apples for him, which I did, then he lowered them into the pan, spooned some syrup over them, and left them to poach for five minutes. 
While the apples cooked, Squidge started to separate the two eggs (he had this down last week, tipping the yolk between the shells, but struggled a bit this week so we spooned the yolk out again :) ) He then whisked the whites with an electric whisk until it formed peaks, then added about an ounce of sugar (we had no caster so used granulated) bit by bit.

He then lifted the cooked apples out of the pan into a shallow oven dish, and filled the middles with mixed berry fruit pie filling (we had neither the mincemeat nor the dates that the recipe called for, and apparently supermarkets don't sell mincemeat outside of Xmas! Quelle horreur!) Once they were full, together we covered each one in the now shiny meringue mix, and put the whole lot in our temperamental oven for the prescribed twenty minutes on gas 3. We had some meringue left over so put it in a few fairy cake cases to cook as well. Unusually, the timings worked pretty well, so no putting them back in for a further three hours to finish off.
The decorative touches weren't quite as reciped: the clove for the stalk was fine and duly added, but the recipe suggested Angelica for little leaves. Well asda don't sell it, so I ordered jelly diamonds thinking there might be green ones in there, but they sent me blue sprinkles as a substitute. Not very leafy. So we improvised with mini chocolate beans. Also not very leafy, but Squidge enjoyed arranging them in a leafy manner anyway :)


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