Home Ed and Politics

For all you non-home educators... The wider implications of Badman

In the hope that someone will listen,..... 2009 DCSF consultation response

The unsurprising self-interest of the NASUWT Does exactly what it says on the tin

Petition time! (Yes, still) Trying humour to draw attention to the issues caused by Badman

MP=Brick wall? Spelling it out for a hostile politician

Our Very Own Monitoring Policy Turning the tables on an awful LA

Put your own house in order A message to the Welsh government

Taking back our children Our children are not the government's

The long arm and bottomless wallet of the Welsh Assembly Government The financial realities of invading our homes

No, we're not responsible for the services we provide, just the ones we don't The bassackwards logic of failing and interfering governments

Yes I'm educating my children. No, I don't have any rocket launchers. Innocent until proven guilty, education is no exception

Testing to the teach More bassackwardness, this time using small children as pawns

Experts. *sigh* Why the 'experts' aren't the experts. We're the experts.

Broad and Balanced, the Badge of School Inferiority Why I don't want 'broad and balanced', Mr Teaching Union

Why we must keep the Marshmallow-Throwers at bay Keeping natural learning free of those who just don't get it

Limiting Childhood Tearing apart the prejudices and ignorance of one council worker who works ultra vires

Knowledge of the law is not compulsory...to be a magistrate Exposing the ignorance of those who seek to judge us

No! Why on earth??? A fisking of one man's ignorant ramblings against home ed

It's (not) funny cos it's true The level of relevant experience of those who choose to interfere in home ed

TES and Badman: Did I get in a time machine? Ah, TES, those longtime champions of home ed. Oh wait...

Let those poor children rest How low people will go to cover their own arses

LA BS Bingo A fun game to pass the time while listening to politicians politic

The Wolves and the Frugal Spender: A Play in Two Acts Review of the Select Committee Oral Evidence Hearing

The Pastatists A surreal look at the logic of the education system

Is School a Realistic Alternative to Home Education? My response to an irritating article that asked the opposite question.

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