Monday, 24 February 2014

International Sweets/Candy Mission: Poland

Sprout wanted to find some more sweets for this mission while we wait for the couple of swaps we have coming in the post, so we headed for the world food sections at Tesco.

Witam Polska!

We found an advert here for these Jutrzenka Akuku! jelly sweets...

...and the kids were excited to try them...

And the verdict?

Moppet: "Yeeeuuuch!"
Squidge: "I don't like it."
Sprout: "I don't like the jelly inside."

Erm, so not a great success. I, however, loved them, they're really fruity and juicy and soft, so never mind the kids I get the rest of the bag. Yum!

We also bought a couple of these...

...for which we found this advert

Onto the testing...

And the verdict on these ones?

Sprout: "Better than I expected. Very very good. The taste is very good. Its a bit chewy and crunchy."
Jay. "It's chocolatey. I really like these."
Tai: "Nice. Yeah."

And up on the map they go...

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