Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 6 Mr Muddle's Melting Moments

The recipe synonymous with the Mr Men Cookbook for anyone who had it as a kid: Mr Muddle's Melting Moments!

The recipe called for half an egg, and seeing as I don't have the right kind of knife to accurately halve a raw egg, we opted to double the recipe.

Squidge measured out 10oz of self raising flour, which we put to one side. He then weighed out 6oz of caster sugar, followed by 8oz of margarine, which he then asked me to cream together. Then he broke an egg into the mixture, along with a couple of teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract, and mixed it all in. Then he asked me to stir in the flour until we had a nice firm mixture:

Squidge wet his hands in a bowl of cold water and I passed him teaspoonfuls of the mixture to roll into balls and then roll in oats. 

He put the balls, slightly flattened, onto a lined baking tray. In total it made 30.

They went in the top of the oven on gasmark 5 for about twenty minutes, and came out like this:

Yum! Another Mr Men success I think! I've had a peek at next week's recipe, and it's Mr Small's Fairy cakes :)

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