Saturday, 1 February 2014

Colour Wheel Marbled Baked Cotton Balls

I thought that baked cotton balls might be a fun thing to do this week, and why not include a bit of colour mixing too? :)

First off we mixed a cup of plain flour with a cup of water until it was smooth. Then we divided it into three and coloured them with red, yellow and blue food colours. (We used liquid colours to give a pastely finish, but if you wanted it brighter you could use gel colours instead!)
Then I poured them into a bundt tin to give a circle of colour.

The children mixed the colours where they joined, giving the secondary colours.

Then they dipped the cotton wool balls in, making sure they were all covered, and put them on a foil-covered baking tray. 

Now, it's be pointless me giving you baking instructions based on what I did, as my oven marches entirely to its own drummer, so I'd advise putting them in a reasonably hot oven for some unspecified amount of time until the outsides have hardened.

We let them cool, and peeled them off the foil...

...and then let Moppet loose on them, breaking them open, squashing them, and shouting, "Squeeeeeeesh!!!" Fun!

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