Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I am

I really love the I Am. page that has started on Facebook in the last few days 

This is what their page says:

"I am saddened by the amount of kid-shaming photos and stories I see all over the internet. My proposal is that we flood the world wide web with kid-positivity and uplifting stories and photos. So, grab a kid (preferably your own; if not get permission) and ask them to finish the sentence, 'I am...' Write down what they say (I guarantee it'll be positive) snap a picture of them holding it and post it everywhere! Post them here as well and let's see how many uplifting, positive things we can learn about our children!"

We had a spare few minutes this morning so I suggested doing this and the boys loved the idea! Sprout didn't hesitate before choosing his word...

...which is no surprise as he's very proud of the things he achieves on his games and the skills he has. A couple of other things got added as he thought about it some more...

Squidge had a think about lots of different qualities he has like being loving and helpful and sweet and also liking Minecraft, then decided on his two big current loves, cooking and photography.

I chose Moppet's word, as it encompasses her at the moment :)

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