Minecraft, Portal and other gaming geekery

Minecraft, a Mine of Information! The things Sprout had learnt in and around Minecraft

I am a geeeeeeeeologist.... Our Minecraft-inspired butchering of a They Might be Giants song

Wales Road Trip! Our Minecraft-inspired trip to a gold mine

Video games are baaad, m'kay? The truth behind those alarmist newspaper articles

Real-life Functioning Minecraft Pickaxe One MakeyMakey, one Minecraft pickaxe, works in game!

Paper Free Week - Step away from the book! The silliness that is 'screen time'

Minecraft Board Game My own design for a Minecraft boardgame, with free download to make it yourself

More bad anti-'screen' science, it's an epidemic! Why the self-appointed anti-screen police are full of horse poo

Paper Snowflakes and Clove Oranges, Minecraft Style! Making Christmas Minecrafty :)

Windows Why it's so important not to vilify video games/TV/etc when our children are interested

Minecraft Easter Eggs DIY Dying cubed eggs for Easter to make an edible Creeper, TNT and diamond block

DIY Portal 2 Cake How to make a Portal 2 cake complete with light up portals board

Angry Birds party Angry Birds party bags, party games, and a playable cake

Ancient Minecraft Creeper Book How to make an 'old' creeper book - fun Minecraft arts and crafts!

SCP Containment Breach: SCP 173 Costume DIY How to make an SCP 173 costume and only go crazy a little bit

Minecraft Creeper Advent Calendar Ssssssseassssson'sssss Greetingssssssssx

DIY Functional Minecraft Torch  Link to the printable, modify, then pop a torch in!

Minecraft Fortune Cookies for Chinese New Year  Printable fortunes for the biggest Minecraftians

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