Monday, 13 July 2015

Square Bubble and Fox Trouble

We started the week with a trip into town to pay charity event money into the bank. The kids all chose a toy and a snack in Poundland, some lunch in the poundbakery (see any pattern? :) ) and then we went and joined the free children's club at the shopping centre and got some goodie bags (Squidge's included some sunglasses so he was very pleased), then we went and investigated the new sweet emporium which was rather wonderful :)
It rained a lot while we were out, prompting a conversation with Sprout about whether water needed a tornado to get it into the clouds, evaporation, how the water cycle works, drains, sewers, and water purification. 
Somehow that moved on to houses, farms, food that comes from animals, milk, pasteurisation, homogenisation, and the top of the milk of days gone by :)
When we got back Squidge decided on a film day and put Robots on, and this was the result :)

Sprout played some Roblox and then some hot wheels.

Later they all played out with their friends. 

Sprout watched a YouTube video that gave him some ideas, so he leapt out of bed in the morning and told me he was going to do some experiments.
First he made some square bubble, with a bit of trial and error...

...the he removed shells from boiled eggs with the aid of a pint glass :)

Squidge did some colouring.

Moppet watched some peppa.

Squidge and moppet played out and made some bubbles.

Moppet picked some flowers.

Sprout played some retro NES games.

I made Sprout laugh with photos of alpacas after he asked what one was.

We went to Gentleshaw so Finn could give them the £200 raised on the charity day. He was extremely proud :)

Sprout told me about how an owl's eye colour can tell you whether it's nocturnal.

He played on his birds of prey app.

We stayed for a snack in the cafe.

Sprout wanted me to look up whether bald eagles are endangered.

We visited their grandparents, and watched footage from their new night cam, including a little mouse that are the food left out for the hedgehogs. 

Their grandma pinned a dress for Moppet that they're going to sew together.

We all played lots of board games.

Back at home Squidge wanted to watched the Natural History Museum Alive again.

The next day was a bit hectic as the car broke down, but thanks to helpful family giving us a lift we didn't miss our afternoon bowling that the kids had been excited about.

Sprout won by a rather large margin :)

Later Moppet did lots of this :)

The boys watched some funny 'try to watch without laughing' videos for a while :)

Moppet played with some sticker books...

...and some gears...

...and went to her ballet and tap class.

We took them to the sweet boat that was moored at Barlaston.

Gruff showed Moppet how to blow up gloves and turn them into animals :)

Sprout showed me some Pokemon facts.

We accidentally looked up toucans when I misheard tokens :)

Squidge and his friend played some Tekkit and built a new minecraft house.

Sprout persevered with the Ocarina of Time level that he was struggling with.

Moppet played with her Minnie Mouse...

...and sang and played the drums :)

Squidge designed some more minecraft skins.

(A photo I found on Gruff's phone of Moppet at the charity fun day).

Squidge helped Gruff with some work on my car.

Squidge and Moppet played out on their bikes...

...and chilled out watching some videos.

We rented Home and watched it together as Sprout hadn't seen it at the cinema.

Squidge and Moppet drew some pictures for Gruff (at the moment they love putting together little surprises for when he gets in from work, like little snack packages or presents or cards. Moppet calls it "Happy Marther's Day" :) )

Sprout made progress on Zelda and played some 3D land too.

Sprout noticed on a YouTube video that U.S. pay phones have letters under the numbers on the buttons, and came up with an idea for making a code. I showed him this old phone we had so he could use it for the translation :)

We went to meet Gruff after work so I could go and do some work, and Sprout had the idea of this photo which he got me to take, entitled, "Caged from reality".

We had a surprise visitor in this fox who tried to get into Squidge's rabbit's run in broad daylight, so we've brought the rabbit in for a while.

Moppet was worried about the fox so Squidge gave her a cuddle and said we'd look after her and suggested she think about fun things <3