Thursday, 20 February 2014

International Sweets/Candy Mission: Japan

A couple of weeks ago Squidge expressed an interest in the different sweets they have in other countries, and we came up with the idea of, bit by bit, trying to sample sweets from every country, either bought, or made where appropriate. Sprout became interested too and a Mission was born!

Our plan initially was to do it alphabetically, but for various reasons (online availability, and my complete lack of proficiency in Farsi, Albanian and Arabic to name but a couple) this plan fell spectacularly flat, so we're going for a more 'fly by the seat of our pants' approach :)

So we're starting with some that their uncle, who lives in a far more cosmopolitan place than we do, has kindly sent them.

First up: Japan!

In a little package addressed to Squidge we found this Coris Chick Whistle Candy.

Only we didn't realise it was whistle candy as my googling mojo didn't kick in properly until they'd been munched down here

Or actually more accurately that's how it started but then Squidge got it near his mouth and decided it smelt funny, which led to this

and this

But test subjects two and three decided that the Coris Chicks smelt just fine and ate them up, and I got the bonus of eating the one that Squidge swore he hadn't licked. 

So, verdicts?

Squidge: "It smells funny. I don't like it."
Sprout: "It doesn't taste of anything. Quite nice."
Moppet: "More."
Me: It had the taste and texture of the moment when you chew a gumball. 

But wait! It didn't end there. Due to my inability to read text messages thoroughly all the way through without getting distracted by either one of the children or something shiny, I didn't realise generous and cosmopolitan uncle was sending Japanese sweets, so I also ordered some from Amazon. Double Japanese sweet time, and bonus mummy points.

So next up we have Hi Chew. (Sorry about the packet, the ravenous hordes got there before I could turn the camera on.)

I was heartened that, having been completely unable to find an advert online for the puffed up fruity polo-ness that is Coris Chick, I found a whole raft of adverts for Hi Chew and the kids all thought they were FAB. In Finn's words: OH MY GOD THEYRE POWER RANGER SWEETS.
They're not, but the vibe is there.

So the moment of truth...


...and a comedy moustache moment from Sprout...

And the verdicts?

Squidge: "Mmmm, nice! But I don't want any more."
Sprout: "Slightly very good. So basically it's very good but only slightly."
Moppet: "Good." *rest of toddler commentary muffled by the sound of her snaffling the rest of the packet*

So pretty positive overall for the old Japanese sweets, and no doubt in the minds of these three that their adverts are far superior to ours ;)

The wrappers are now installed on our giant new map on the stairs :)

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