Sunday, 9 February 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 3 Mr Chatterbox's Chocolate Truffles

I almost forgot our Mr Men cooking in the whirlwind that was this weekend, but Squidge reminded me late on. This week, Mr Chatterbox's chocolate truffles.
Now, we're chocolate truffle veterans, but we normally do super easy (and really gorgeous) ones made from chocolate and cream cheese or double cream. So ones where you need actual ingredients and more than one bowl are a bit alien to us. Squidge wasn't deterred, however. 

He stirred the butter and icing sugar together, added the egg yolk and the vanilla essence, and then stirred in the melted chocolate to the resulting mixture. 
We left it to set a bit, and came back to find Moppet spreading half of it on her face, but luckily we'd made plenty. He rolled teaspoonfuls of it into balls, and we didn't have any chocolate sprinkles so he rolled them in hot chocolate powder.

Verdict: Pretty easy (he did it all himself) and nice, but not quite as nice as the ones we usually make!

I've flicked forward in the book and realised that the recipes get a bit harder from here on in, so I'm slightly apprehensive about next week's, but I'm sure chef Squidge will guide me through it fine ;)

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