Thursday, 20 February 2014

International Sweets/Candy Mission: Sweden

A special stop on our candy mission today, the homeland of Sprout's favourite bro-fisting, barrel hating, Mr Chair chatting YouTuber: Sweden

The final item of delicious loveliness in the parcel from their uncle was a bar of this:

The choice is not by chance, of that I am sure. Toilet humour is a proud and wonderful thing ;)

Sadly all the googling in the world couldn't find an advert for this thing, so straight into the taste test we went.

Aaaand the verdict?

Moppet: "Nooooo." (Although in fairness she went on to eat another three pieces as the afternoon went on.)
Sprout: "Eurrrrrr. Where do I put this? Where's the bin?"
And my personal favourite, Squidge: "I don't like it, it's like strawberry bums."

So there you have it, perhaps Plopp is an acquired taste. 

Onto the wall it goes...

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