Monday, 24 February 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 5 Mr Greedy's Grub

This week in Squidge's Mr Men Cookbook mission it's Mr Greedy's Grub, aka corned beef hash...

He chopped three potatoes into small-ish chunks, then asked me to slice the onion so he could push the rings out.

He then layered them into the pan with a bit of salt and pepper, and half covered them in some water before lighting the cooker to bring it to a boil. We turned it down and he chopped a tin of corned beef and asked what animal beef came from and if it ever comes from other animals. 
Once the potato and onion were cooked I drained a bit of excess water off and Squidge asked me to stir the corned beef in.

It made lunch for me and all three of them, and although Sprout wasn't keen on it (he asked to try it but he doesn't currently like mixed food) Moppet absolutely loved it. 

Next week, the one thing anyone who had this cookbook as a child seems to remember: Mr Muddle's Melting Moments!

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