Squidge's Mr Men Cookbook Mission

Week 1 Mr Happy's Potato Boats

Week 2 Mr Nosy's Nests 

Week 3 Mr Chatterbox's Chocolate Truffles 

Week 4 Mr Snow's Apple Snowballs

Week 5 Mr Greedy's Grub

Week 6 Mr Muddle's Melting Moments

Week 7 Mr Small's Fairy Cakes

Week 8 Mr Silly's Stuffed Eggs

Week 9 Mr Bounce's Cherry Buns

Week 10 Mr Topsy Turvy's Upside Down Pudding

Week 11 Mr Bump's Bean and Sausage Plait

Week 12 Mr Forgetful's Chocolate Mice on Chopped Jelly

Week 13 Mr Noisy's Peppermint Creams

Week 14 Mr Tickle's Jam Roly Poly

Week 15 Mr Jelly's M-M-Marshmallow J-J-Jelly

Week 16 Mr Strong's Egg Flip

Week 17 Part One Mr Funny's Fruit Scones

Week 17 Part Two Mr Lazy's Lemonade 


  1. Thank you for the Mr Men Cookbook items

  2. Hello,

    Fab to find some of these recipes again. I loved the book so much as a kid!

    Do you still have the book? I wonder if you had the recipe for honeycomb crisp as remember making this as a child and would love to make some with the kids.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi, I'm glad it's brought back some nice memories! I wonder whether there was maybe a second book, I've just checked and there isn't a recipe with that name or anything similar, everything from the one I have is here. Sorry I can't be of more help!