Monday, 24 February 2014

International Sweets/Candy Mission: Turkey

Another one from Tesco's World Foods section: Turkish mixed flavour Delight. 

Now, as the person who always felt that the inclusion of Turkish Delight in Christmas selection boxes was some kind of adult conspiracy to make sure there was at least one thing kids would automatically give to their parents, I wasn't especially looking forward to this one. But over to the head testers...

And the verdict?

Squidge: "No. You try it for me."
Moppet: *licks sugar off* "Done. No. Yuk."
Sprout: "I've made modern art on my nose. Look. I haven't tasted a rose before. Not very nice. Now my hand is sticky."

I did indeed overcome my longtime Turkish Delight related gag reflex in order to try it for Squidge, and, although it won't ever be on my list of things to voluntarily eat, it was actually quite nice.

And up on the wall it goes...

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