Monday, 24 February 2014

International Sweets/Candy Mission: USA

Keen as Sprout was to buy one of everything in Tesco's American section, the prices were a tad prohibitive so he chose...


First up the mint M&Ms. We found an advert here which made Sprout do this face >>> o.O and made Squidge say, "What we just watch? Who *is* that?"
Onto the tasting...

And the verdict?

Sprout: "I think they're quite good. I think the darker ones are mintier maybe."
Squidge "I don't like them they taste like mint."
Moppet *happygreenchocolateface*

Next up, the Tootsie Roll. We found an old advert here which they enjoyed. 

Then the attempt at tasting.

The verdict?

Sprout: "Where's the bin?"
Squidge: "I don't want to try that."
Moppet *nomnomnom* pause *shakes head*

So the mint M&Ms definitely a bigger hit than the Tootsie Roll, which tasted like those long toffee things wrapped in white paper you used to get in 10p mixes.

Up on the wall they go...

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  1. I LOVE Tootsie rolls nom nom nom xx