Thursday, 20 February 2014

International Sweets/Candy Mission: Belgium

Belgium. Belgian chocolates. Belgian waffles. Belgian moules. Belgian.... bubblegum with a tattoo in the wrapper? Oh yes. I love that about sweets from a country, they show a unique little facet of a nation :)

So. Malabar Tattoo. 

This was another little inclusion in the surprise envelope from the kids' uncle. 

I found an advert, which was fun!

Moppet's a tad young for bubblegum and it makes Squidge gag, so Sprout and I had the pleasure of the taste test :)

It tasted kind of like juicy fruit, and was not as good for bubbles as Hubba Bubba, but bubble-blowable nonetheless. Minus points for difficulty removing from face afterwards though!

And onto the map it goes...

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