Monday, 3 February 2014

From Arts and Crafts, to Moments without Photographs

As is par for the course at the moment, we made some cupcakes, but this time Moppet (for the first time!) was the cook :) She was extremely pleased with herself!

Squidge asked me how to spell 'sorry'. He'd argued with Sprout about a game they were playing together, and once he'd calmed down he decided he wanted to make a sticker to give to him to apologise :)

Squidge has found a new favourite game in the form of Drake and the Wizards, which is a platformer where you play as a dragon. He's also been working on a superflat Minecraft world that he sometimes opens up to LAN, and he's been playing on the new server that we've opened. 

Loveliest meal of the week goes to these falafels with Harissa and tomato salsa that he made with the final ingredients from the Hello Fresh box.

Chinese New Year was mostly taken up with doing completely unrelated things, but we did make these fortune cookies with the Minecraft fortunes I put in a previous post (here if you'd like to download the printable )

Sprout has been experimenting with the compass that I put in his homemade happy meal ( ), working out which way our house is situated, and laying out treasure trails based on the compass directions.

Gruff was away with work for a couple of days, so Squidge made him this collage to welcome him back...

While we were doing that, we carried on with the junk modelling aquarium we'd been making. This jellyfish was made from the foil pull-lid from a tub of bouillon, along with tentacles from gift packaging.

Squidge drew this fish and jellyfish...

...and we used an old cd, some foil wrapping paper, and a bit of craft foam to make this pretty fish here.

We used his Hello Fresh box for the aquarium itself, just cutting most of the original lid out to see into. We cut some seaweed from craft foam Christmas trees and Easter crosses, and hung the fish from the roof with sellotape :)

As well as playing on the new server, Sprout and I have been working on the maze inside our Minecraft pyramid, and adding some stalls to the horse barn. 

He's also been making lots of things on the new Chrome Build, including a ship/iceberg, a chemical plant, an 8 bit Jesus, and a collection of video game characters from his favourite games (plus a Mario for me!) He told me some great stories behind his builds too :)

Moppet has been watching...wait for it...yes Peppa Pig still :) Plus a bit of Dora the Explorwr thrown in. She's also been getting pretty dexterous on the iPad, playing her favourite tea party game a bit more plus monster kitchen...

...and the cBeebies Playtime app.

We's had the What on Earth? wallbook on the stairs wall for the last few years. Sprout has occasionally been interested in the dinosaurs and meteorites, Squidge with varied items from it, and now in the last few weeks every time we go down the stairs Moppet wants to know what things are. It started off with Nelson Mandela (every time), then Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr, then Napoleon too, then she added Thatcher, and now there's a whole sequence of them that she points to and asks each time. It takes us a while to get down the stairs now ;)

We tried a Weekend Box last week on a launch offer, which we had lots of fun with. We made snowballs...

...finger painted ...

...made a little kite from a carrier bag and some straws (yet to be flown, it's super rainy here right now!)...

...and did a collage from pictures we cut off the box.

One of his favourite lines from a film is," I'm a sluuuuug!" from Epic, and we just happened to be talking about it while we were watching Monsters University and the slug monster 'racing' to get to class came on. He thought it was hilarious and drew the monster and made a sticker out of the drawing with his sticker making machine :)

We spent a morning doing some hand and foot painting with the leftover powder paint from the Weekend Box. It was lots of fun and my bath's still purple :) Plus I've got lots of lovely little finger and toe prints now, we're just thinking of how to use them, maybe in a collage.

We've played with lots of dough this week, starting with the play doh ice cream set that Sprout got Squidge for Christmas. He pushed some dough through one of the plunger-type tools... 

...and I remarked it looked like a sea cucumber, so he wanted to look them up...

...then he wanted to know if you could cook them. I didn't think so, but apparently you can! He thought they looked like big slugs on a plate, and I think he has a point.

He then wanted to know if there were any other 'sea vegetables', so we had a google for sea cabbage...

...sea carrot...

...and sea peas :D

We played some more dough and more Lego and more Minecraft at a friend's house...

...and met up with another home ed family at the park, which was freezing but fun :) Sprout found the new issue of BBC Focus Science and Technology in my bag and was reading about robots, psychology, archaeology and parasitic worms in between climbing, swinging, scooting and sliding :) Sprout and I went out on our own later and had more of a look at the magazine, plus a few games of angry birds and virtual air hockey.

More dough this morning, but this time building structures with dough balls and cocktail sticks with Moppet.

And some fun food, the boys made spiders with spaghetti and hot dogs (cut hot dogs into four, break spaghetti into four, push 4 spaghetti through each piece of hotdog, then cook in hot water.
Well, they started making spiders, but then moved on to meteors, flails, starfish and octopi :)

As well as Chrome Build and building various involved structures on Minecraft, and helping Squidge to do new things on there too, Sprout has been engrossed in Skyrim and also contemplating the antigravity ideas we were looking at a few weeks ago. 
At the moment there aren't as many 'photographable' moments with Sprout to include here. Conversations, moments of him verbally working out a connection he's made between things, short- and long-term projects on Minecraft, investigating new games, building little bits and pieces with Lego while he watches videos by his favourite YouTubers, perusing his redstone manual and his Minecraft annual; these are the things that he's currently doing, thinking about and learning from. Fewer photos, but just as many enjoyable, meaningful, and enriching experiences :)

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