Food, Craft, Parties and Fun

There are lots of ideas and links in the posts of our day to day stuff, but here are a couple of specific ones...

Fun with food Make it explode, glow in the dark, or stick a candle in it, but have fun!

Happy 5th Birthday, it's all about the Lego! From square eggs to block-looking party bags, make your Lego party brick-tastic!

Today, eat with chopsticks A few ideas for upping the fun

Cloud Viewer Print it, shove it on a stick, go and spot some cumulonimbus!

Angry Birds party Angry Birds party bags, party games, and a playable cake

Munchable Mini Minions Both cute and yummy!

White Blood Cell truffles Yummier than they sound, and educational too ;)

Colour Wheel Marbled Baked Cotton Balls Fun, and a bit messy :)

DIY Happy Meals Both fun and customisable!

Easy DIY: Making Hats from T-shirts  Easy enough for the kids to make. Not quite so easy that I can.

A Cornu-doh-pia!  Lots of different homemade playdoh in one batch!

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