Friday, 7 January 2011

2011 - The Year of the Free!

Ok so I realise I'm about a week late with the New Year post, but hey. This year I'm planning on making things just as magical, fun, exciting and un-schooly (not a word, but it should be) as last, but somewhat cheaper, having made the transition from most-of-the-time-mummy-and-part-time-call-centre-minion to full time mummy. Yay! And also, eek!

We're pretty frugal anyway, but I like a challenge so I though I'd make sure that every day we do something free and fun with Sprout and Squidge. I'm positive that between craft ideas using things we have around the house, activities and fun things that don't cost a penny, and free days out and places to go, that we can do at least one a day until 2012.

So on that note, today we started with two little ideas...

Colour mixing

We used what I think are microwave egg poachers (read: some plastic things that sit in the cupboard and only come out for craft and play purposes!), diluted food colourings, and pipettes. What do you mean, you don't have pipettes in the house??? Weird. Ok you can use teaspoons or something then :) Muffin tins would be a good alternative to egg poachers, but I'm sure you can think of many more.

Sprout was delighted to find he could make the whole lot look like 'swamp water', just in time, he tells me, for the swamp rats to spawn. I blame Shrek.

Squidge, on the other hand, was even happier to discover that he could cover the whole floor in squirted swamp water in the time it took me to answer my phone.

Salt Painting

Our second free idea was a crafty one. Seeing as we had the food colouring and pipettes out anyway (seriously, every household should have pipettes), I thought we could use them for salt painting. (Please ignore the background mess I've skillfully captured in the photo, I'm in the middle of, er, organising!)

The boys drizzled a design on the card in PVA glue, then sprinkled salt all over it. Once we'd shaken off the excess salt, they used the pipettes to drip food colouring onto the salt trails. Sprout was enamoured with how fast the colour spread along the salt pattern and the intricate pattern it made.

So a small but succesful start I think, off now to think of one for tomorrow!