Friday, 31 January 2014

DIY Happy Meals

We've not done these for a while, but then I was doing my Asda order last night and I'd just added some burgers at the boys' request and then I mis-spelt something which then autocorrected to Minecraft which then brought up all Asda's craft things and I saw some coloured card and thought Ooh! 
So today they each chose a colour (red for Sprout and Squidge and orange for Moppet), and came up with some designs which I cut out (I'd share the template but I just eyeballed it). Sprout decided on a trololol face that would appear as you ate your dinner, and monster-head carrying handles. Squidge wanted his initial for the handles and then Ben 10 alien eyes on the sides, and Moppet saw the googly eyes come out and was like, Use ALL the eyes!!! :)

I made their lunches and popped a little compass in each one (I'd got a pack of four in the party section for a couple of quid). They were all very excited with their meals, Sprout especially so with the compass, which he's off playing with now :)

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