Sunday, 26 January 2014

Budget Meals: Bean Curry and Rice 23p/portion

This was a 'throw in what we have' curry in an attempt to use up some of the things we have in the pantry and freezer. I usually mix spices myself for curries but I realised I had some curry paste portioned up in the freezer too from a 3kg tin I got from Approved Foods ages ago for a penny, but I wouldn't usually use it as it's normally much cheaper to just make it yourself.

1 tablespoon cooking oil, 2p (Asda vegetable oil £1.50 for 1l)
2 smart price onions, 10p (approx 20 in a 2kg bag for 98p)
A handful of frozen peppers 10p (500g £1.00 Asda)
Curry paste 1p (I have no clue how much this would be to buy normally, if you use a clove of garlic, 1tsp turmeric, half tsp cumin and 1tsp chilli it's about 11p based on supermarket prices)
A handful of frozen spinach 7p (1kg £1.39 at Asda)
A large handful of frozen green beans 10p (£1 750g at Asda) 
1 Cup dried adzuki (or any other) beans 59p, soaked overnight (We got these super cheap from Approved Foods too at some point, so this cup of beans actually cost me 10p, but I've based the 59p on Whitworths fried salad bean mix £1.18 for 500g at Asda)
1 Cup dried chickpeas 48p, soaked overnight, (Ditto for these, this actually cost me 5p but I've based this on Asda's dried chickpeas at 95p for 500g)
2 tins chopped tomatoes 68p (Asda smart price 34p/tin)

Serves 15 with 100g rice per person. 
Total for me today £1.23, plus 4p per person for 100g rice each based on Asda smart price rice, so 12p per person.
Using normal supermarket prices, total would be £2.84, plus 4p each rice, so 23p per person.

Drain the soaked beans and chickpeas and boil until tender.
Steam or boil the rice while the curry cooks.
Chop the onions and sautée in the oil with the peppers, adding the garlic and spices or the curry paste, whichever you have.
Add the chopped tomatoes and the green beans, and simmer for a few minutes.
Drain the beans and chickpeas, and add to the tomato mixture along with the spinach. 
Simmer for a few minutes to reduce.
Serve over the rice.

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