Monday, 6 January 2014

Budget Meals: Slow Cooker Cheesy Chicken and Pea Rice 42p/portion

I try and be pretty frugal with cooking, but it's more needed than ever for us this year so I thought I'd start sharing frugal recipes as and when I cook them :)

Inspired by this , which is one of the non-veggie things we eat every so often, today I made a big batch of cheesy chicken and pea rice in the slow cooker.

I used:
1kg bag Asda Smart Price Chicken portions, defrosted £1.69
(This would obviously be cheaper with chickpeas or other pulses but Gruff thinks I'm trying to kill him by means of beans and pulses so chicken it is!)
A third of a 1kg bag defrosted Smart price peas (approx 300g) 33p
A third of a bag Smart price grated cheese (approx 160g) 77p
3 tins Smart Price chicken soup 72p
2 smart price onions (approx 20 in a 2kg bag for 98p) 10p
Three quarters of a 1kg bag of Smart Price rice, steamed 30p

Total £3.88

Makes 10 very decent sized portions (with enough for me to sit and share mine with Moppet) @39p a portion

Put the chicken portions (defrosted), the chopped onions and the tinned soup in the slow cooker on low for maybe six hours ish. 
At some point, cook the rice however you prefer to cook it (we use a microwave steamer but had to do this in two batches as it was so much!)
Once the chicken is cooked, pull out the bones and skin, and then add to the slow cooker the rice, peas and grated cheese. 
Leave on low for another half hour or so.
Done! Freeze some, eat some, and maybe have seconds because it's lovely :)

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