Saturday, 18 January 2014

Budget Meals: Tuna Pasta 25p/portion (Or cheaper with chickpeas!)

So, cheapy tuna pasta. I'm sure you already know/can work out how to make this, but for completeness's sake on my budget recipes I'll put it in anyway. We normally make this with chickpeas not tuna, but we've spoken before about Gruff's mariticide-by-chickpeas theory, so tonight was tuna :)


1 Asda smart price onion 5p (approx 20 in a 2kg bag for 98p)
2 tins Asda smart price chopped tomatoes 68p
clove garlic, 3p (Tesco Value 3 pack galic bulbs 49p)
1 tin Asda smart price tuna chunks 86p
1 tablespoon cooking oil, 2p (Asda vegetable oil £1.50 for 1l)
Chopped basil (free, homegrown)
1kg Asda smart price penne 58p

Total £2.22, serves 9, so 25p each. 15p each if you make it without tuna, or if you sub 100g dry chickpeas for the tuna then 17p each (Great Scot chickpeas 95p for 500g in Asda, we usually buy chickpeas from a Suma co-op but I can't find the price right now!)


(If you're using chickpeas instead of tuna, soak them overnight and cook them in hot water before you start the sauce.)
While pasta cooks, sautée chopped onion in the oil, add crushed garlic.
Stir in the drained tuna, chopped basil and chopped tomatoes. 
Simmer to reduce. 
Stir sauce into drained pasta. 

Done! It's not haute cuisine by any means, but it is cheap and simple :)

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