Monday, 6 January 2014

A Cornu-doh-pia!

Gruff's on late shifts this week, which is always my cue to have lots of activities pre-prepared to keep little people supplied with interesting things!

Yesterday I made a cornucopia of different home made play doughs, a cornu-doh-pia if you will :)

I used this tried and tested Instructables recipe as a base, and then added a variety of colourings, flavourings (for the smell, not to eat!), glitters, oats, and felt tip decorations on the outside...

Centre: Shrek snot - Green gel colouring and a bit of red gel colouring, all left marbled
Clockwise from top:
Mint choc chip ice cream - Green gel food colouring, peppermint essence, brown dots on the outside with a felt tip
Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles - Yellow gel food colouring, vanilla extract, and sprinkles dotted on with various felt tips
'Bread' dough - Mix oats into the plain dough, then it's perfect for 'baking' with
Pink fairy dough - a bit of red gel food colouring, purple glitter
Pink peppermint playdough - A bit of red gel food colouring, peppermint essence, and red stripes drawn on in felt tip
Woodland fairy dough - green gel food colouring, green glitter
Meteorite dough - plain dough with blue glitter 
Orange dough - red and orange gel food colourings, orange essence
Minecraft mob egg, or Mr Tumble dough, depending on who was playing with it - red and orange gel colourings, orange spots drawn on with felt tip

We end up with different combinations every time, there's so much scope for imagination!

(As a side note, I usually use Home2bake colourings but only had green in the house thanks to Grinch Whobilation Day a couple of weeks ago!) so got Dr Oetker ones for the yellow and red. They were almost useless, and needed huge amounts to get any change in colour, compared with the teeny amounts of green I used to get the vibrant colour you can see in the photo.)

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