Saturday, 18 January 2014

Budget Meals: Veggie Fried Rice 28p/portion

This meal was a great staple of my student days (thanks to a lovely friend who was a much better cook than I!), and can be pretty much done with whatever bits and pieces of veg you have in, plus it's brilliant for using up leftover rice.


1 tablespoon cooking oil, 2p (Asda vegetable oil £1.50 for 1l)
1 smart price onion, 5p (approx 20 in a 2kg bag for 98p)
330g (uncooked weight) rice 14p (1kg Asda Smart Price rice 40p), cooked
2tbsp-ish curry powder 11p (Ours was from Suma which is a lot cheaper than this, but 80g medium curry powder is £1.10 in asda)
2 eggs 27p (15 Asda mixed weight free range eggs £2.00)
And today I used:
A couple of drops of sesame oil 1p (I put some soy sauce in but had run out. I get sesame oil from the Chinese supermarket and I can't remember how much it is, but I literally used about 1ml so I'll take a guess at a penny!)
A handful of frozen peppers 10p (500g £1.00 Asda)
Half a head of broccoli 25p (335g broccoli 50p at Asda)
A handful of frozen spinach 7p (1kg £1.39 at Asda)
A handful of frozen green beans 5p (£1 750g at Asda)
The dregs of a bag of Quorn chicken-style pieces 6p (bought on offer two 300g bags for £1.89, wouldn't have had it otherwise!)

Total £1.13
This made four really decent sized adult portions plus one for Moppet, so 28p/portion


Cook (boil or steam) rice if it's not already.
Sautée chopped onion.
Add rest of veg and sesame oil and stir fry.
Add rice and stir through until heated.
Add curry powder and eggs, stir for a few minutes until egg is cooked.


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