Thursday, 16 January 2014

Budget Meals: Tomato, Olive and 'Feta' Spaghetti 33p/portion

So, firstly this isn't my recipe, but I can't find the link now to credit the recipe I based it on. I even remember the author's comment, something about taking it to an office potluck. Ah well it's been a good while, if I come across it I will credit where credit is due because this is one of the quickest and easiest budget meals ever :)


250g Spaghetti, 10p (500g Asda Smart Price spaghetti 20p)
30ml olive oil, 10p (750ml Albero Antico olive oil £2.50 at Asda)
One clove garlic, 3p (Tesco Value 3 pack galic bulbs 49p)
175g cherry tomatoes, 50p (350g cherry tomatoes £1.00 at Asda)
50g Greek Style Cheese, 19p (200g 75p at Asda)
10ish olives, 9p (large jar pimento olives £1.88 at Asda, I'm guessing there are about 200 in it but I could be wrong)

Total 99p, served three adult portions and Moppet, so we'll call it 33p per portion :)


Cook the spaghetti as you do.
Heat the olive oil gently, adding the crushed garlic clove and stirring, just enough to mix and warm through.
While pasta cooks, chop the tomatoes, olives and feta-type stuff.
Drain pasta.
Mix the whole lot in together.
Voila! Told you it was easy :)

We each had two slices of smart price garlic baguette with it tonight, so that added 8p per portion.

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