Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Easy DIY: Making Hats from T-shirts

Sprout and Squidge wanted to make themselves a hat each. A year ago. I bought the stuff. A year ago. I found it again yesterday and they were up for doing it, and Moppet very noisily jumped on the bandwagon too, so, as I am seamstressly challenged, we headed to their grandma's house for a bit of help with a sewing machine :)

What we used for three hats:

Two kids' tshirts
Fun fur fabric in a couple of different colours (indeterminate length, maybe a metre)
Printable iron-on pictures

So, first I got a hat that fits them and used it as a template...

I folded the fur over double, with the folded edge at the top of the hat, leaving enough either side for a seam. The boys sewed the seams with their grandma, keeping the furry side inside.

Once that was done, I cut the Tshirt material out, keeping the bottom of the Tshirt level with the bottom of the hat and one side of the Tshirt level with the same side of the hat. I left enough for a seam on the opposite side, and about four or five inches at the top...

They then sewed the top seam and side seam...

The boys then turned the jersey part of their hats the right way out, and ironed on their transfers...

I then tied knots in the top corners of the hats, and pushed the fluffy linings in. We left the linings unattached so the hats can be worn with or without (or, as Sprout has been doing this evening, lining only!)

And here we go! DIY hats, so easy that two young boys can make them (but not so easy that I can ;) )

Moppet's we did slightly differently, seeing as when I bought the stuff she wasn't even one and probably couldn't have used a sewing machine (awesome as she is), so I improvised with what was left over from what Sprout and Squidge had made. 
We made the furry lining the same, but then I cut strips of what was left of the tshirts, enough to total the same size as the pieces we'd used for each of the boys' hats...

We used the side seam of the green Tshirt as the top seam of the hat, then sewed the rest of the strips onto it with the seams on the outside. They then seamed the two sides normally. We then tied the top corners and added the lining the same as the boys' hats.

They enjoyed doing it so much they have plans to design and make some more things, I might need to learn alongside them :)

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