Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mr Men Cookbook: Week 1 Mr Happy's Potato Boats

I got a lovely surprise in the post this week. When I was six a friend gave me the Mr Men Cookbook ( )  and when I was a teenager and my little cousin was born I sent the book to his mum to use with him. It seems she's kept it all this time and returned it to me with wishes for me to have as much fun using it with my three as she did with hers <3

After I had a little look and a reminisce, Squidge had a look with me and decided he'd like to work his way through it and cook everything, so we're going to aim for one a week, starting today with Mr Happy's Potato Boats.

This was super easy, he just washed a potato and popped it in the oven, and I helped him roll up the two rashers of bacon and he secured them to the two sausages with cocktail sticks. Half an hour after the potato went in he added the foil-wrapped sausages and bacon. The recipe said another half hour but our oven is as much use as a pixie breathing lightly on the food, so two hours later it was all ready. We halved the potato and put a spot of butter on each, then put a sausage and bacon 'sail' on each one. One for Squidge and one for Sprout, and they both opted to keep the meat and donate the jacket potato to me and Gruff :)

Verdict: really really easy, and a nice little lunch :)


  1. So pleased I've found your blog. I had this this book this book as this book as a small child, but can't remember making any of the recipes! This is going to be dinner tonight!!!

    1. Aww fab! Hope it turns out well, would love to see a pic!