Saturday, 18 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Day 10

DAY 10

A little bit of gaming today, but I utterly failed to take any photos!

Sprout adventured in Skyrim, opting to explore rather than play the story mode. He's just told me that he's planning on doing story mode tomorrow, as there's a location he wants to reach which he needs to unlock.

Squidge eventually played some Besiege, after a few technical difficulties installing it we freed up some space onn his hard drive, and enabled sharing on Sprout's Steam account to test it out, and double checked the specs as they differed in two places that we found them. Success in the end, and lots of building and destruction ensued :)

(Literacy, IT skills, numeracy, navigation, reaching goals, problem solving, physics, creativity)

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  1. Yet nobody can explain who keeps all those torches lit in caves sealed for centuries. lol