Thursday, 16 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Day 8


On our way to trampolining today Sprout's favourite song came on the radio, and he chatted about the song, the game he knew it from, game sountracks, which led game reboots and their relative successes (or lack of), and reasons why he thought that might be. 
Squidge asked me how many people were coming trampolining, and when I said 'about 30' he asked how many that was compared to a Minecraft stack of items, so I told him about half.
(Music, making connections, problem solving, media, marketing, retail, numeracy)

After trampolining, Squidge used some money he'd saved to get he and Sprout a couple of goes on the arcade, and I helped Moppet out too, so she went on a horse ride game, Mario Kart and Super Bikes 2 (which she LOVED!), and the boys raced each other on Super Bikes 2 (coming 1st and 2nd in the multiplayer race) and then Mario Kart (3rd and 4th).
(Sharing, social skills, hand eye coordination, numeracy)

 Back at home Squidge wanted to set up ARK for Gruff to play with him, so we looked at how much it was, whether we could afford it, whether Gruff's PC would run it, and when the site said that it wouldn't, we crossed checked the figures and tried to decide if it might be worth trying.
(IT skills, search skills, numeracy, sharing, teamwork)

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