Saturday, 11 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Day 3


Sprout worked on a settler hub he's been building on Fallout 4, looking closely at the needs of settlers in terms of food, water, comfort, happiness, agriculture, trading, robots... He learnt a couple of new words, including what a marquee sign is, and mentioned to me a word spelling that had surprised him, and how he had expected it to be spelt based on how it sounded. He showed me how to design an EyeBot with certain qualities to suit what you were going to use it for, and showed me his whole collection of them and what aspects he had chosen for each of them. He also showed me how he'd cordoned off a hazard for the settlers.
 (building, design, creativity, communities, human needs, spelling, literacy, hazards, problem solving, function and design)

The subject of the seven basic plots of stories came up while we were chatting about something else, and he told me how Undertale was like a role reversal of one of those plots, and explained why. 
(Literacy, comprehension)

Squidge and Gruff worked on their Minecraft world. Their redstone farm got finished, and Squidge showed me all the stacks of 64 sugar cane they had already, and then they helped each other make a new mob farm, and Squidge built some more of his house, including a chest for one of his friends to keep their items in. He showed me round the extensive network of mines and tunnels that connects various locations, and showed me where he'd written the coordinates of his house.
(Design, creativity, numeracy, navigation, memorisation, problem solving, cause and effect, teamwork, literacy)

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