Monday, 13 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Day 5


The boys' Loot Gaming crate came in the post today, and they were very pleased to each get something from a game they love. Sprout got some Psychonauts goggles, a Resident Evil Tshirt, and a Megaman helmet model, and Squidge got a Portal 2 tie, which we had fun learning to tie, and the box itself, which turned into a companion cube when you refolded it.  

We have a Minecraft Day each week at our house, where friends come along and join us on an LAN world. Today Sprout designed and built a floating, gold and glass community hub, ready for other players on the world to build trade centres off the side of. He based it on eight beacons, and talked me through his design ideas, and how they had changed as he built it depending on what worked and what didn't, how he visualised how to make a circle out of square blocks, and how the colours differed while he was wearing his Psychonauts goggles. He set up command blocks to and from the hub, setting the coordinates and entering a bit of code to teleport players. Meanwhile Squidge and their visiting friend began a mine and a house, then went to explore the world itself;  Squidge perfected remembering how to change game modes himself in the chat line, and also teleporting other players. 
(Design, creativity, numeracy, literacy, social skills, problem solving)

Moppet played Bubble Witch Saga 3 for a little while, showing me some moves that she was especially proud of where she cleared lots of the bubbles :) 
(Hand eye coordination, colours, numeracy)

Squidge was playing on Turbo Dismount for a while, designing the crashes for maximum humour, for example a dummy hanging of the side of a shopping trolley. He was showing Sprout and their grandpa and they were all laughing about it together.
(Physics, humour, imagination)

Squidge played Six! in the car, and was concentrating pretty hard on beating his high score.  
(Hand eye coordination, shapes, colours, physics)

Squidge played the Gmod Diamond Sword song for his grandparents, and he and his grandma danced to it and laughed a lot. 
(Humour, music, connections)

Moppet spent some time on the Baby Twins app, drawing a picture of herself in a ballet outfit, along with Squidge as a toddler. 
(Art, creativity, imagination)

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