Tuesday, 21 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Days 11 to 13

DAYS 11-13

A bit of a catch up here as birthday preparations took precedence! I've forgotten some things already, but here are some of them...

Sprout went back on Skyrim today, he decided on a couple of new locations to visit, and had memorised the compass directions for each one in relation to another city.
(Navigation, memorisation, planning, problem solving)

Squidge and Gruff played on their Minecraft world together, doing some fishing :)
(Teamwork, planning)

Sprout and Squidge sat together for a bit, and Squidge showed Sprout a couple of apps he's currently enjoying, including Six!, klocki and I Love Hue, and then they both played them, chatting about their achievements and precarious moments.
(Social skills, teamwork, sharing information, colours, observation, problem solving, hand eye coordination, planning ahead)

Minecraft Day was the day after, and the boys played on their LAN world with a friend. Squidge teamed up with them, and also built some pokemon, while Sprout concentrated on the development of his hub, talking me through the progress later. He accidentally deleted a command block, so  went and found the coordinates again and reprogrammmed the block.
(Teamwork, art, problem solving, programmming, numeracy, literacy, social skills, creativity, plannning and execution)


Sprout was back on Subnautica later on and the next day, which is an ongoing favourite. He worked on his increasingly extensive base, explaining to me whhat he had modified in order to concentrate on the creative side rather than survival. He showed me round the new parts of his base, and also the new sub that he crafted.
(Creativity, planning and execution, problem solving)

Squidge and Moppet caught some more of the Gen 2 Pokemon on Pokemon Go, and spent some time working out how many more candies they'd need to evolve various ones.
(Numeracy, teamwork, literacy)

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