Friday, 10 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Day 2


Sprout played some more Sonic on the way to a play area today, and was really pleased to get further than he'd ever managed before, beating a particularly hard part of the game. He then played some Drive Ahead!, laughing that he was driving a celestial teapot, which lead to a conversation about Russell's teapot, a bit of religion, and a Nerd Cubed video about Universe Sandbox where the teapot had also been referenced. 
Squidge and Moppet played some more Pokemon Go, with Squidge helping her again with how it worked. Squidge hatched his first really good 10km egg, really excited to get a Scyther, which he knew by sight but hadn't caught before as it is difficult to catch. 
(Persistence, determination, philosophy, religion, history, making connections, distances, literacy, team work, social skills)

At the play area, Sprout, Squidge and I played some Angry Birds guess who, with Sprout showing me how to tell the difference between the different genres of Angry Birds. He and I later played some Fruit Ninja too, chatted about when we watched a YouTuber at Insomnia play a VR version of it, and also looked into the alpha version of a new game, ECO
(Strategy, patterns, hand eye coordination, making connections, technology)

Back at home, Squidge asked me to help him change the video settings on ARK as the game was lagging, so we decreased the graphics quality in order to improve the playbility. He then played it for a while looking for Pokemon, as we'd previously installed a mod to put them in game, and designed a caricatured avatar. Sprout asked me to help reinstall his Fallout 4 Nexus mods as they hadn't worked properly yesterday, so we googled and found a different way of doing it, then he took over and sorted the problem out, then downloaded the ECO game he'd liked the look of. We chatted briefly about what the limitations of the alpha version might be, and what our expectations might be, and whether it would be feasible to set up our own server or whether it would be better to play on an existing one. He then played both Fallout 4 and ECO for a while, while watching some gaming videos on YouTube, and talking to me about what he thought the limitations might be of the 3D printed Fallout 4 helmet he was planning. 
(IT skills, problem solving, team work, dinosaurs, prehistory, character design, Cold War, nuclear war, home design, humour, nutrition, ecology, communities, civilisations, anatomy, creativity)

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