Sunday, 12 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Day 4


Squidge played some GMod Tower, and loaded a mod, to make me laugh, which sings a Diamond Sword song (that me, him, and one of his friends used to sing to be silly) when you use the sword.
He and Gruff played on their Minecraft World, which crashed, leaving a problem where the world was visible in the saves but not in the launcher, so they started a new world and he built a new house for a little while, and then we looked online for a solution, and after moving some files around and replacing some others, we retrieved the lost world. Happy boy! 
Moppet also opened a Minecraft world up to LAN for Squidge to join her, and did some exploring and breaking blocks. 
(Humour, music, computer skills, social skills, IT skills, problem solving)

Sprout watched some Undertale: The Musical videos, which he loves to sing along to, and also loves telling me about the lyrics and the humour and relevance of them.
(Humour, music, making connections)

He also played some more Fallout 4, which glitched somewhat, making it impossible for him to talk to one of the NPCs, so he tried a few things on the console to try and rectify things. This is still underway, so hopefully he'll sort it out! 
(Problem solving, IT skills, achieving goals)

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