Wednesday, 15 February 2017

#100daysofvideogames Day 7

Squidge and Moppet started the day by playing some Mario Kart together. 
(Teamwork, social skills, fun!)

Squidge watched a video of a new Rocket League update, called Rumble, so we looked at the different menus, and did some googling, until we found where it was, then he played it for a while. He won the first two matches and was really proud :)
(Literacy, hand eye coordination, internet search skills)

Sprout and Squidge played Boid together for a while, which is a  fast paced strategy game based on the competitive survival of organisms. They got annoyed wth each their after a while, so I helped them both move onto other things. 
(Hand eye coordination, social skills, teamwork, problem solving, survival of the fittest, evolution, science)

Squidge played Overwatch for a while by himself, and calmed down after arguing, then moved onto Skylanders Imaginators and worked on levelling up.
(literacy, social skills, hand eye coordination, numeracy, creativity) 

Sprout played on Fallout 3 for a while, doing the standard story.
(Literacy, comprehension, history, goals, problem solving) 

Squidge then moved onto his PC to play Ark, and asked me for help finding out how to craft items, then went and found the objects with which to do so.

(Literacy, problem solving, working towards a goal, internet search skills, following instructions)

Once Gruff was home he and Squidge went on their new Minecraft world and worked on their new mob farm.
(Teamwork, working towards a goal, problem solving, literacy, numeracy)

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