Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Willow Creations and Balancing Equations

Sprout chose a bingo game a couple of weeks ago at the charity shop, and has mostly just played with it as a contraption, but fancied a game of it. We all played, and had fun shouting out the bingo calls for the different numbers, their favourite being, "Droopy drawers, forty four!" until I explained why number 9 was 'Doctor's orders' and they added sound effects o.O (cue laughing like drains)

Squidge has been having fun taking apart the human body and putting it back together again, and taking photos of the various organs.

We had a fun, if extremely cold, morning at the park with friends...

I bought the mother lode of shaving foam for some pretend snow play :) We started off with a couple of road layouts and some toy cars...

... Sprout did some art and some writing with one can...

...turned himself into Santa...

...and then pretty much bathed in it for a couple of hours. Loads of fun and my lounge floor now sparkles like a freshly shaved chin!

The masked/marbled winter tree art that Squidge and Moppet did the other day is dry, so we peeled the masking tape off. Pretty good I think!

Squidge found this notebook I had for no particular purpose, and, with my help initially writing out what he wanted to say, copied out a note to Gruff so when he gets home after a late shift he can read and reply and Squidge can see his reply first thing the next morning. I think it's such a sweet idea :)

Last night he'd left a message asking Gruff to do some art with him this morning, Gruff left a reply and they made this together today :)

Following the old Sun Christmas craft magazine that I posted about finding in our advent book basket, Squidge and I made this toilet paper tube and foil tree. It took somewhat longer than expected as for every two pieces of tube we wrapped in foil, Moppet unwrapped one :) Squidge was very proud of his star for the top (and me, as it's big and round like an actual star ;) )

Someone gave us a load of festive bits and pieces that looked like they'd make a good collage, so I chopped up some tinsel to go with it and gave them some glue and the three of them collaborated on a picture :)

I stopped up late last night cutting out bunting (from the Christmas activity book we opened a couple of days ago) as it's pretty hard to get anything cut out while Moppet is up and about and, y'know, eating scissors and whatever I have to hand. So this morning Squidge and Moppet glued the pictures on...

...and it's been added to the decorations :)

This morning's advent book gave us the idea of carrot-printed snowmen, so we ran with it and have some art and cards courtesy of these two...

This is Squidge's carrot print rendition of our family, including most of the animals (except for the cat he says, as he doesn't like snow!)

And here we have Squidge and Moppet'se collaboration, the snow monster!

Sprout has been asking me to send him lists of challenges for Minecraft builds using redstone. I suggested things like a clock, a lift, and a door that shuts when it goes dark. The results were so cool! It genuinely blows me away when I see the things he designs, I love his creativity and how dexterous he is with the things he does :) This evening he's playing on Garry's mod and has plans for some new machines.
Big chats with him this week included him hypothesising on how a zombie virus would develop and spread, and whether time really passes faster when you're asleep or just appears to. 
He's also spent some time perusing this globe that has animals shown over their native home, and noticed that penguins are only in the south and polar bears only in the north. I checked, and couldn't believe I never knew this! I feel all lied to by Moppet's penguin and polar bear Duplo set, they seemed like such good friends but in reality they never even met *sob* :)

Sprout and Squidge have had a good few months of not really wanting to play with each other much, but the past few weeks have seen them teaming up at play areas, cooperating on video games, and even Sprout inviting Squidge into his room to play games and watch videos. They've built Hero Factories together this week, and today they spent the afternoon playing Disney Infinity and Lego Marvel Super Heroes. It wasn't all rainbows and kittens, but as time goes on they're definitely progressing in how they manage to sort out their different needs (with my help, still, but that's fine :) )

They all enjoyed playing with the little Christmas Lego set that was with the Fairy one day, Moppet liked playing with the minifigs, Squidge liked following the instructions to make the set, and Squidge liked using his imagination to come up with something else :)

They dug out a couple of handheld consoles yesterday that they haven't played on in a while and had some fun with them.

Squidge and I had fun playing with his fireflyz in the dark and seeing what effects we could make. Sprout got his light sabre from bonfire night out later on and was doing a similar thing and talking about the effects we see.

They were playing Chem IQ (where you see the molecules before a reaction and you break the bonds and make the new bonds to show the products of the reaction) before bed last night, and I heard Sprout explaining to Squidge that O stands for Oxygen and H for Hydrogen :) 

Today we went to a willow lantern-making workshop, it was so much fun! Sprout hadn't been sure if he wanted to do it but once he realised he could make his lantern look however he wanted he was fully on board. 

We ran out of time before they were completely finished but they'll be done for the lantern parade this week. Here we have Squidge's space rocket (complete with flames, windows, and windowsills)...

...and Sprout's Herobrine :) He had a lovely woman helping him whom he told all about Minecraft, Herobrine and how obsidian is made :D

Moppet, Squidge and Sprout stopped for refreshments while Gruff finished off the rocket...

...then we left what we'd done to dry.

We have a quiet evening in now, while I prepare the fairy's shenanigans for the week ahead...

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