Monday, 9 December 2013

Holding Molten Metal in Our Hands

Believe it or not we have done things entirely unrelated to the Christmas Fairy too this week :)

Squidge has been enjoying playing with his post office again, and wrote my name on a letter for me for the first time which he was super proud of :)

We've been playing Santa's Rooftop Scramble, which is a lot of fun and easy enough for both of them to join in. Even Moppet has been joining the games with her task of putting the present tokens down the chimneys!

Saturday was panto day with their Grandpa. We anticipated festive traffic that didn't turn out to be there and so were crazy early and popped into the library on the way. 

They loved this Christmassy book that let's you be the characters :)

They were mesmerised through Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (and Squidge was ecstatic at the inclusion of Gangnam Style), until the zombies came for Snow White. Yeah, I didn't see that coming either :s Jay was upset by it so we headed off early, but once he'd cheered up a bit he went home and told Gruff how fun it had been :)

Moppet has mostly been putting on tea parties for hamsters...

...and matching different colour fish.

She's also been holding her own during their regular wrestling bouts :D

Sprout had been talking about molten metal, so I ordered a bit of Gallium. He was so psyched that it melted in his hand :)

Moppet and Squidge spent half of this afternoon building towers and knocking them down...

...Sprout meanwhile has been engrossed in his much awaited game of Starbound, that he first came across at iSeries in the summer. He's also enjoying exploring the early alpha of Space Engineers.
I also put up a poster of an A-Z of important inventions, that I thought he might be interested in, and he's just had a big conversation with a Gruff about it, ranging from aspirin to Kevlar to qwerty to syringes to the one he deemed extremely important - YouTube :) He then came in and asked me about Einstein so we chatted about the Theory of Relativity, the effect of mass on gravity, and my favourite quote about judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree! We're watching Shallow Hal together now, so I'm going to sign of :)

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