Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Fairy 2013 - Day 7

Oh dear, it looks as though the Christmas Fairy has caught Gruff's cold :(

In happier news, this morning's advent book parcel contained this fabulously kitsch Christmas magazine. I found it at a car boot a few years ago for about 50p, it's from 1971 and it's got some brilliantly Blue Peter-ish crafts. The illustrations are lovely...

...and it makes me giddy with happiness that one of the DIY gifts (a Drummer Boy Drum) calls for an empty seven pint beer can. *hic*

Mr Advent Creeper gave us a little slip of paper today with the suggestion of making an ice wreath. I gave Squidge the choice between one with bird seed to hang in the apple tree, or one with food colouring and bits of tinsel to put a candle in tonight when we put our boots out for St Nicholas Eve. He chose the sparkly stuff, natch.

He and Moppet put it together this morning in a bundt tin (Sprout is engrossed in the *much* awaited Starbound which was released yesterday)...

... and oooooh, ahhhh, pretty!

With it being St Nicholas Eve we also baked some Speculaas...

They've just put their boots out on the back step with a plate of Speculaas illuminated with the glow of the ice wreath, it's lovely. I'm feeling all festive now :)

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