Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Fairy 2013 - Day 13

Treats all round this morning as the fairy had brought some sparkly gold fairy chocolate. She'd had a nibble but there was plenty left :)

The advent book parcel this morning yielded this activity book, which has given us the idea of doing carrot-print snowman paintings later :)

Lastly, the Creeper advent calendar had a suggestion of making the three of them into elves! I'd pre-cut all different body parts from coloured card, and different hats out of felt, and they all chose the ones they wanted to use. We glued the hat, head and body together, and the boots to the legs, then fixed the limbs on with split pins. I think they turned out pretty well!

Squidge has asked to make bunting today, so I may be gone some time...

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