Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Gooey Eyeballs and Morbid Cupcakes, it must be Christmas! Oh wait...

This week we found a couple of things I'd picked up for Hallowe'en and completely forgotten about, and Moppet thought it was hilarious to roll these sticky eyeballs down the window over and over again :)

We had fun at a family Christmas meal out at the weekend...

...then while Gruff took Squidge out for some one on one time Sprout and I parked up with a sleeping Moppet in the car and had a drink and a chat. We chatted about sand (which led, naturally to flux capacitors)...

... which led to hydrothermal worms...

... and we played with some magnetic putty and a neodymium magnet. That led to a conversation about non-Newtonian fluids, custard, Mythbusters, and whether glass is a liquid.

The next day was a trip to use some free passes to a play area before Christmas, and on the way we popped into a cafe Squidge had noticed a couple of weeks before which had the same name as him :) He was very excited at telling us what his cafe sold and seeing what we'd choose.

We also had a couple of games of noughts and crosses :)

It was so lovely at the play area, several times Sprout was so very sweet to little kids, letting them have the toy he was using or in one case getting off the coin operated carousel he was on with Squidge and Moppet so a smaller child could have his go. He didn't know any of these kids, which made it even sweeter :)

As often happens, I was thankful for having a phone with internet again when they saw the play area's pet gerbils and Sprout wondered whether they were nocturnal like hamsters. Not, it turns out.

There were also some play blocks, and some makeshift play block hats, which naturally leads to conversations about ancient Chinese hats o.O 

And lots of Mr Potato Heads, this one reminding me of...

...Beaker :) Then conversations about the Muppets, and then a new app.

While I was up the loft looking for Christmas decorations, in the couple of minutes I wasn't getting hit by falling boxes and swearing about the evils of packrattishness, I found this little cube I picked up years ago in case the kids found it interesting one day (and there you see why I can barely get up the loft. Multiply that little anecdote by about a squillion.) Anyway, both the boys love it, it bends and twists different ways to show different organs or aspects of the human body. Fun!

While Squidge and Moppet were snow painting this week Sprout drew a picture, it's a guy surfing down a river down a mountain :) It started off as a pictionary-type game and went from there.

Squidge was really excited that the Lego magazine people sent him a minifigure to replace the incomplete one that came with his magazine, so he played with that along with some of his Lego Star Wars advent calendar bits and pieces :)

The other forgotten Hallowe'en thing I found was a grave cupcake decorating set, which they were all up for.

I love this pic, blurry and in the middle of house renovation as it may be :) Every morning when either Squidge or Moppet wake up, they go and find the other and give them a cuddle <3

We made these paper snowmen today after we saw the idea in the craft book I posted about a couple of days ago.

Squidge has been enjoying playing on the Peppa Pig app, making e-postcards and playing a game where you have to get the right number and colour of suitcases on the conveyer belt.

He's also enjoying the Toca Christmas hair salon.

I was reminded today how much I love the charity shop near us, Squidge has played nearly all morning with two of our bargains, this magnet maker (he's made himself an initial magnet and some magnets for Sprout and Gruff as presents)...

... and this Post Office set that we've had *so* much fun with :)

Sprout came to me all excited yesterday telling me that he's been thinking about an article we read in the BBC Science Focus magazine a few weeks ago about the investigation of the anti-gravity properties of quantum particles. He told me he'd thought about it a few times since, but then today he suddenly thought about Syndrome in The Incredibles and thought that if anti gravity technology became reality then Syndrome's wrist band could be made a reality in the future too. He then told me lots of other ideas about application of future anti gravity technology, including saving the lives of people near volcano eruptions, and protecting people from bullets if you could change the direction of how it was applied. He said he loved how he'd thought about it on and off for weeks but all of a sudden thought about it in conjunction with something else and all these ideas came flying out.


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