Friday, 20 December 2013

Board Games and Muscle Names

While Sprout started on his new game (Skyrim), Squidge and Moppet played some board games...

...and generally had some fabulous silly fun :)

Sprout's other front tooth fell out (with a bit of bribery)...

...then we spent the day at Come into Play with friends. 

Sprout caught me out with a riddle: how many holes are there in a polo? I said one, but clearly it's four :) I tried to counter with, "What building has the most stories?" but he didn't come down in the last shower and answered, "A library." :)
On the way home we were talking about the new Nintendo 2DS and why it wasn't going to be 3D, and went on to talk about the human eye and depth perception, and the way 3D films with glasses work.

Squidge has been playing some more with the anatomy puzzle block. He likes asking me the names of the different muscles and then we do the resulting movement :D

Moppet has been ninja-ing (note the terrifying blur of her swords :O )

Squidge and I went out for some one on one time and he chose to go for a salad and ice cream :) This is the beginning of his Minecraft ice cream world, the green smartie being a creeper :)

We finally got a clear night where the International Space Station was coming over, so we set and alarm to remind us and used the Night Sky app to help us find it. All three of them were very excited (well, Moppet more as a by product of the boys being excited, but still!)

Sprout started playing a Nutcracker app, and Squidge followed suit. Sprout was telling me the whole story, which was brilliant! He completed it within two days and was extremely pleased :)

Sprout's been playing again with the Elf yourself app, and finds much hilarity in putting objects or single eyes/ears etc in the frame instead of a face :)

We did some cooking of various treats for family's Christmas hampers, and Moppet was head tester :) We made truffles, ferrero rocher, and mint cake (a Christmas tradition from when I was a kid!)

After an afternoon of visiting with various extended family as we took cards and hampers round, we had a day at their grandparents' house where we built lots of Lego, played hide and seek, played the Whatever Next? board game, and experimented with whether heavier objects fell faster.

Sprout is engrossed in Starbound and Starmade at the moment, and anything else set in space. We've also watched 'zombie' snails on YouTube again as he's been thinking about what the aetiology of a zombie virus would be :)

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