Monday, 3 September 2012

Someone give these people a dictionary

*ring ring, ring ring*

"Hello, this is Bob Bobbleedob speaking, I just wanted to follow up our conversation from the other day regarding registering your daughter Charlie for our services."

"*sigh* And like I said the other day, for so many different reasons surrounding your incompetence, we're not interested."

"Well, I actually wanted your input. Like I mentioned last time, we'll be wanting to monitor you."

"So you said. Despite us not using your service. So no thank you"

"Well yes. But we will be anyway. So, er, we're going to implement annual monitoring visits to your home, and what I'd like to know from you is, how often would you like these visits?"

"How often would I like them?"


"How often would I like annual monitoring visits?"

"Yes. Every two years, maybe? Or three?"



  1. Haha.... that's about the level. I also liked the phrase 'local LA'. Nice...

    1. Haha yes, blasted local LA authorities, bet they have some frequently asked FAQs on their website too, and forget their PIN numbers while looking at the LCD display of their ATM machines ;)