Saturday, 8 September 2012

Home Ed is a huuuge bakery shop

School is a carrot cake that has to be eaten, full slice by full slice, at approved times. The recipe is the same each time, for each child, regardless of whether they are gluten intolerant, vegan, going through a growth spurt, or dislike carrots and/or cake. When the cake is finished, a blood test is taken to check their body has assimilated it in the required way. Some children like the carrot cake. Some have perfect and as-predicted test results when the cake is finished. Some get sick from the cake. Some refuse to eat it and get in trouble. A very few like it because there's not much cake at home. Some think it's okay but never grow as much as they could have with cake that was meant just for them.

(Fabulous cake from here!)

Home ed is a bakery shop. A huge one. The size of the universe. There's all sorts of flour, different sugars, various fats, plus box mixes, icing, and myriad sprinkles. There are recipe books, cake toppers, and ready made cakes of every size. Fruit, vegetables, flavourings and colours. Candles, sparklers, tier pillars and fun-shaped moulds. Sprinkles, glitters, paper cases and piping sets. Samples available on every aisle. Children get to go round it with their parents who already know their way around, plus they have maps. They get to make or buy as many different cakes, biscuits or pies as they want, with whatever ingredients are tasty, appealing and safe for them. They get to try anything they want, and if they make a cake they don't like, or that they can feel isn't what they need, or that doesn't make them feel well, they get to go back and choose again. They can eat when they're hungry, until they're full. Some children will go back for the same biscuit ingredients again and again for a long time, while others thrive on the taste and nutrients of different cake or pie each time.

I'm happy for the kids that like the carrot cake, and grow well on it. But we're choosing the bakery shop :)

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