Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pond dipping and pirate shipping

It's been a crazy busy week and a bit, but so busy that I've forgotten to take photos of lots of things we've done!

Baby Led Weaning has been going swimmingly, and in her first week Moppet's had naan bread, toast, cucumber, orange pepper, tortillas, hummus, pitta bread, oatcakes with cheese, pizza, and celery. Yum!

We caught a lovely sunny day at Tittesworth Reservoir with friends. Squidge loves this statue...

...they both really enjoy playing in the river, throwing stones in and generally splashing around...

...and I love this picture because he was saying, "Look, Mummy, I've found the biggest tree ever ever ever!" (Tree below) Maybe not, but I love the sense of awe :D

Later on Moppet did some grass-contemplating...

...and generally a lot of lying in the grass being a carefree baby :D

Ice creams were also eaten!

We had Moppet's naming day, which was completely lovely...

...and I made her cake and cake topper, and the boys joined in with Fimo creations of their own. We went and bought some 'stone' polymer clay today to make some Minecraft blocks too.

And after the naming more ice creams were eaten :D

Squidge reminded me that we still haven't seen this film, and then went home and made a space pirate ship out of Lego which he has played with all week since then... 

We went pond dipping at Park Hill Farm, and found a great crested newt, a caddis fly larva, and lots and lots of water boatmen.

Sprout was trying to do some double exposures too, so we'll see how they come out...

... while Squidge had a lovely time pulling grass seeds heads off and watching them fly away :)

And lastly we have a standing girlie :) She's absolutely determined to be off and about despite not being able to sit/crawl/walk (obviously, at 6 months old) yet. Sprout was walking at 9 months so I'm wondering if she might walk quite early too!

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