Thursday, 20 September 2012

Quite a lot of bubbles and ice cream

It's been a week or so of park days, parties, lots of bubbles, ice creams, days out and many, many photos taken by Sprout! 

They've been enjoying having the street to themselves now the schools are back, and so most days, armed with scooters, Squidge has been out there with bubbles of one sort or another, and Sprout has been out there with his camera. He's really enjoying playing with angles and composition, and I love some of the pictures that are coming out of it!

We had the long awaited trip to Lapworth Geology Museum, which I can't recommend enough. It was really hands on, there were some great exhibits, and the guy doing the session with us was absolutely fantastic with the kids. He showed us/talked to us about/let the children hold some fossils in the morning, and some gems, crystals and rocks in the afternoon.


Hippo skull

Some sort of tortoise-type fossil (!)

Icthyosaur fossil

Mammoth tooth
Squidge examining a big chunk of pumice
It wasn't university term time yet so we had the added bonus of a nice quiet expanse of grass, and a lovely sunny day, to relax afterwards.

We didn't go to Tittesworth Reservoir this week but I did get this lovely photo from the last time we went...

We did go to an unusually quiet home ed group, and headed to the park afterwards.

Baby led weaning is continuing in a happy vein, and I've managed to borrow a copy of Gill Rapley's book to refresh my memory as it's aaaages since the last time!

In random news, we keep having to go to Tesco as Jay likes having his photo taken with the pirate cut out from The Pirates! film :D

We went to a birthday party, and the boys were over the moon with possibly the best (and most amusing to drive home with) party bag presents ever...

We played with some touchable bubbles (not a good photo but the only one I could get with one of them actually caught on something!); they were a bit disappointing and seemed to pop almost as much as normal bubbles, and just smell a hundred times worse :(

We threw an Unbirthday Party as the boys decided birthday parties are just over too quickly...

Dancing (the photo can't capture just how cute this was!!)
Making Mickey Mouse out of plates and bowls :)

And of course pass the parcel!
 Later in the week, you guessed it, more bubbles, but big ones this time...

We picked up a load of shaving foam with the intention of having a shaving foam fight, but they decided that sounded too messy (I know, did someone swap them for someone else's kids???), so they made an imaginary world with it instead... 

We caught a very rainy sunny day (and therefore a very rainbowy day!) for a trip to the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm, which was awesome, the boys would happily have stayed there a week! 

Panning for Fool's Gold and other little stones (they loved this, and  discovered some cool stuff to put in the little bags they gave them)
Mini golf

Quadbikes (they must have had twenty or so goes on these!)

Ice cream. Of course. (It was excellent ice cream!)

And more bubbles. Seriously, between ice cream, bubbles, and coin-operated rides my kids are happy as Larry :D
 We had a big cooking and baking afternoon, including banana bread which we all love but haven't made in ages, and Moppet had her first try :)

She's also trying *very* hard to crawl, but isn't quite there yet.

When we've had some time at home, we were lucky enough to get some new DVDs in a charity auction for this wonderful cause, so we've been watching lots of Horrible Histories, as well as the Green Lantern that we picked up last week. Also Squidge has been enjoying Reading Eggs, while Sprout has been trying out Octodad, FTL:Faster then Light, and Lego Indiana Jones. He wants to start his own YouTube channel with walkthroughs and gameplay so he's just trying to get the videos how he wants them at the moment.

Next week we're off to Wales to show our support for Welsh HEors fighting the licensing proposals, and we're going to stick around for a couple of days so that I can take Sprout to a gold mine and a coal mine like he'd asked, another branch of interest from his Minecraft gaming!

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