Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The long arm and bottomless wallet of the Welsh Assembly Government

The state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible. 

The whole Badman farce showed that when the government has an agenda, when there's some pesky little anomaly  that needs rectifying and bringing under government control, they have no qualms about concocting fabricated evidence (that causes lasting damage in the minds of the public even once disproved), get reports written by 'experts' they have in their pockets to find the evidence that supports their position (whether that evidence is factual or, erm... not), and time everything to manipulate public sentiment to their advantage

Apparently the Welsh assembly haven't even bothered to do this. Haven't even bothered with the charade. (At least, yet.) They've forgotten that there ever was a purpose to bringing in legislation. They state it in black and white in their consultation, they want control of this thing that they don't have control of. No matter that there's nothing to show that this is needed, or that it would be beneficial. In fact, whenever you look at the figures, home education surpasses local authorities' efforts by far. On education. On welfare

Particularly in view of the ongoing and complete lack of indications that this legislation is needed then, how can this monitoring of private family life even be considered a good use of taxpayers' money in these times where they have so little money to throw around?  When there is a projected £550,000 overspend just on home to school transport in Conwy alone? When the enormous deficit in twelve schools just in Powys is running at £1.7 million? When there's a whopping £4,620,985 overspend on a new school site in Blaenau Gwent? When nationally the Department for Education overspent by a mind boggling £62,627,000 in the last year?

No, none of that matters to them. Not the figures. Not the lack of money. They want control, so they're taking it.

Say NO.

If you think that this proposed legislation is both unaffordable and unnecessary, you can complete the consultation form here. Disagree with the Welsh Assembly Government and take control.

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