Friday, 12 June 2015

Squidge Turns Seven and Reptile Heaven

Sooo, a combination of blogger app issues where it wouldn't upload my photos, followed by a broken phone, have led to this post which is essentially a bit of an annotated photo dump of the last few weeks :)

We had a lot of games of 'Never gonna get away' (where I ostensibly hold onto them until they secretly escape without me noticing until I realise they've replaced themselves with a purple unicorn or similar :) )

I introduced them to The Crystal Maze which they though was AWESOME.

They made pizzas.

Sprout and I pooped out for some time together, which included a Subway and him telling me LOADS of things I never knew about animals.

He finished his YouTube Snesation camp.

We went to the Space Centre, for the first time since Moppet has been old enough to really join in (long story short, she LOVED IT)

They noticed tiny red mites on the fence and watched them for a while.

We headed to the Abbey Pumping Station next door.

Sprout wanted to know how far away Mars was so we looked it up.

(Ignoring the shelving chaos) we moved another PC into the lounge as all three kids are now interested in doing things on them both separately and together and while being close to us.

Sprout built himself and Mopper some mech wings out of k'nex.

We went to a reptile workshop at Pets at Home and Sprout fell a little bit in love with geckos. And decided that milk snakes poo too much. 

Squidge pretended to be an iguana...

...and then a cheetah :)

Mopper and Squidge did some hardcore gardening :)

And some unique leaf dancing!

We watched for mummy and daddy birds flying in and out with food for the babies in the hole in this tree.

We looked inside a rhododendron bud.

We chatted about how insects see and how flowers can look different depending on what wavelengths an animal sees, and the possible purpose of markings on flowers.

Mopper went on a 'different coloured flowers hunt', and smelled lots of them.

They all climbed the rockery, and the boys helped Moppet, it was very sweet.

We had a day at the park

Our butterflies hatched. The one whose chrysalis had fallen hatched with crumpled wings and other deformities, so we fed him sugar water but he sadly didn't make it. We released the others near all the wild flowers in the garden.

Sprout played lots of minecraft while simultaneously telling me lots of things starting, "So Tam, fun fact..."

Squidge and I watched Bill and Ted

Squidge turned 7!!!!

We went to a hamster workshop, which they all enjoyed

Sprout wanted to know if badgers were carnivores, so we looked it up

Mopper did this at least once a day ;)

We put on a party tea for Squidge as requested

They all collaborated on a giant Hot Wheels build.

Moppet looked after her babies.

The boys built a Lego set together.

We went to another reptile workshop as they'd had so much fun the first time.

Then to a rabbit one the next day.

Our tadpole pond suffered a bit of an algal bloom in the sun but they survived.

We released the butterflies.

And the kids inspected the empty chrysalises.

They built some cities in the sandpit.

Sprout started his Lego camp with a functional chocolate Lego brick.

We went to gentleshaw again and saw the baby marmosets. We took posters to there and other local business for the charity event Sprout wanted to organise, and I was really proud of the fact that he spoke to all the people and explained what he was doing and why and asked if they would put a poster up. It was out of his normal comfort zone so I was extra proud :)

Moppet started getting into Minecraft.

Sprout told me lots about woodlice

Another park day :)

Squidge and I played with our new science version of Brainbox

Nerf day!!! Hot but fun :)

Squidge and me time, playing mini bop it out of his happy meal

And there we have it! I've missed lots of things we did and have another load of pics to download, but at least I haven't lost these ones to broken phone purgatory!

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