Monday, 22 June 2015

Raptor Evolution and Roundabout Revolution

We started the week watching this little guy having a bath in the water that had collected on the old doors that cover the sand pit.

Moppet wanted to try out a dance class so I took her to a ballet and tap class to try it out, but it was a bit too teachy and not enough dancey for her, so she's trying out a street dance class later in the week.

Sprout was installing some software on one of his hard drives and we were looking at available space, and he wanted to know how many gigabytes are in a terabyte so we looked it up.

He got his new Osper card which he was excited about as he can now check on an app how much money he has and keep track.

Daddy and Moppet time :)

Gruff took them to Victoria park while I did some jobs, then I went to meet them for a play.

Next day was home ed park day which was nice and sunny. Squidge and Moppet played lots of make believe games, including taking turns to fight a dragon :)

Sprout stayed at home with Gruff and played some Saints Row IV and later some Goat Simulator.

Moppet and Squidge played out with a friend...

...while Sprout and Gruff played a Hearthstone-style game that Sprout invented using a pack of Birds of Prey Country Trumps and a pack of Hot Wheels Top Trumps :)

Sprout wanted to know more about navigation in brown rats, so we looked it up...

...then he wanted to know about the evolution of peregrine falcons, so we looked that up too.

Then he wanted to tell me about hunter birds and show me what they look like.

Squidge and Gruff played some hot wheels top trumps.

They all made some paper hands with things they like about home ed, to get taken to the Senedd to oppose new and dangerous home ed guidelines.

Squidge and Sprout did some blanket wrestling.

Moppet picked some flowers in the garden and watched bees and checked on the tadpoles...

...and played in the sandpit...

...then we all had an outdoor lunch in the sun :)

And the cat took up residence in Moppet's castle for sunbathing purposes.

Gruff and Moppet and her various toys watched some videos together.

Squidge and Sprout and I made Hook-a-Ducks for the charity event Sprout wanted to do.

They all collaborated to build a den.

Moppet brushed my hair. A lot.

The boys helped Gruff work on his van while I took Moppet to try out a street dance class.

And she had an early night :)

We all went to Waterworld the next day for the whole afternoon, it was so much fun :) Afterwards Gruff took Moppet and Squidge home as Sprout and I had tickets to see Romeo and Juliet at the Regent Theatre.
He noticed this on the way and wanted to take a photo.

We went to Zest bistro for a drink as we were early...

...then ended up in McDonalds as he was hungry too and the bistro only sold steak!

He told me about the newest Zelda game, lots about the Binding of Isaac series and the stories it is based on, and also about the seven stages of grief.

He also noticed the amazing ceiling in the theatre!

The performance was amazing, Mercutio especially, and Sprout's favourite character was Romeo. We left at the interval as he was really tired, but he's sworn me to secrecy on the ending and wants to watch the film this weekend.
The sun was setting as we came out, so we went over to Westport Lake and watched it for a little while, and chatted about geese and swans.

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