Saturday, 13 June 2015

Raptors in the 'Burbs and Picking Herbs

They all had some fun this week playing with the Canon eos which we haven't had out in a while :)

Squidge decided he'd like a birthday party this year (after a couple of years celebrating with just family as being the centre of attention upsets him, he finds it overwhelming), and it turned out really lovely :)

We did nerf day on a rather hot day

Squidge designed a mob trap in Lego 

Squidge and Moppet watched some YouTube minecraft gameplay together

We went to a home we meet up at Wolseley to do a photo scavenger hunt, we quickly lost everyone but had fun doing it anyway 

Sprout rather liked this worm and christened him Wormy and gave him a home in our garden 

Squidge tried out the Canon

We watched a time lapse of bee development (they're all rather into bees at the moment, especially Sprout)

This lovely day happened

Squidge pointed out this tree in blossom that looked like a tree covered in snow

They all picked some herbs, and we went to a farm shop and Sprout decided he'd like to make us all a salad for dinner so he chose all the ingredients and made that later on.

One salad!

Moppet is gradually warming to the cat

Sprout and Gruff worked really hard to build a gaming PC 

And got it working which they were over the moon about :)

Squidge did some tower building 

Moppet did some chilling

The boys watched some Uncle Grandpa and Teen Titans Go together

We went to a friend's birthday at Stafford Castle and they had a lot of fun

Squidge and I walked the cool and peaceful way back down and had a sit and a chill in the beautiful forest

And we almost pre-empted the overwhelm of party time and sat outside and talked about what the next new flavour skittle should be. (Gruff stayed inside with Sprout and Moppet)

I made Moppet a daisy chain which she was very pleased with

Sprout and I headed to Central Forest Park as he wanted somewhere with 'a big swing and cheeseburgers'

We chatted about the difference between bees and wasps ;)

We all went to RAF Cosford for a rockets workshop and a look round the museum

Moppet in particular loved it and made it absolutely clear she wanted no help/interference from me ;)

Sprout did some impromptu dancing, which to his amusement I've turned into a gif to play back when things get too serious :p

Sprout and Squidge wondered how they got metal to be flexible enough to roll round as caterpillar tracks, then after inspecting them realised they were the same as Lego ones 

Sprout found this smiley face...

...then did a round of 'slowchin on the pooole, slowchin on the poooole...'

They made full use of the grass bank too :)

Back at home Moppet kept wrapping herself up as a present :)

Sprout and Gruff worked on the 3d printer 

Moppet made some Mr Men cakes

Squidge set up lots of minecraft chests with passcodes

We went to a home we meet up at gentleshaw, and Sprout wanted to sketch the buzzard and the turtles

Plus they played football...

...and mini golf 

(Obstacles work equally well as a slide)

Moppet (the chicken) laid a Squidge egg which then very noisily hatched

A couple of warm days tempted them into the garden for trampolining, tadpole checking, bee watching and vegetable planter watering 

Their grandpa told us they'd seen peregrine falcons and a chick on top of the BT building, so an extremely excited Sprout and I jumped in the car to see if we could see them, but sadly there were none to be seen. While we were making plans to come back the next day, we realised the car had broken down, so we looked under the bonnet and Sprout reminded me where the starter motor is so I could try and fix it while he started the engine. It took us a while and we basically spent the evening in tesco, not quite as we'd planned but fun nonetheless :) It also struck me how grown up Sprout is getting!

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